Cybersonic Hearing Amplifier



Now Available but Limited Stocks!This Cybersonic Hearing Aid is the ideal hearing amplifier for those with mild to moderate impaired hearing. It is small and fits easily into the ear. Adjustable volume according to your preference.  It is lightweight, wearing it is very comfortable. Battery very common and widely available in Watch Repair Shops, Bookstores, Hardwares, Japan Home, Daiso, local thrift shops and General Merchandising Stores.

  • Very Affordable Cybersonic Hearing Amplifier
  • Great Quality Sound enhancer device for people with mild to moderate hearing impairment.
  • High technology so small, it fits right behind your ear.
  • Amplify sounds up to 40 decibels
  • Very light for better comfort
  • 3 pcs. LR44 Battery included